"Like Daddy Used To Say" tells the story of the Author Niki Cross's painful journey from abuse, kidnapping, assault and personal health battles to healing, but with the humor of her wise and very down to earth father's anecdotes. Cross takes you through the dark days of abuse and personal tragedy, but never leaves you without hope.
This is the very personal memoir of STAAR Ministry's founder and president, the organization that helps hundreds of women yearly that have been victims of abuse, exploitation and sex trafficking. While the hardships are undeniable, it is told in such a down home, matter of fact demeanor, you will find yourself smiling at the author's joy in the midst of multiple tragedies. A bold combination of healing, truth and laughter that is rarely told with such optimism. A must read to check perspective.
Proceeds from book sales will help to continue the work of STAAR Ministry and Chrissie's House, the residential home for survivors.

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