About NIKI

I was born in a small North Carolina town. So small in fact, I jokingly called it Dysfunction Junction, zip code AEIOU. Although there were no shortage of churches, I have often said I was raised in church, but not in Christ. This was a community that also had no shortage of opinions, including “bad things don’t happen to good girls”.
That backwards and judgmental thinking, would set me up for years of silence after exchanging one abuse for another. So silent I would never tell my parents the details of the horror of being lured by the exciting young man who would make promises to make my dreams come true. Instead the nightmare began of being locked in an attic, drugged, repeatedly assaulted until finally escaping.
It was literally years before the light went off that I had been a sexually exploited woman. All of the guilt, shame and fear of ridicule was the real barrier between me and freedom.
But with time, love and most of all faith, healing began. This set me on the path to encouraging others with similar pasts and offering hope that balance and healthy relationships are possible, as well as trying to educate how important the role of church and community is in assisting these individuals to realizing these goals.
There is no doubt that a wound not revealed cannot heal. In essence, secrets make you sick. But, there are incredible resources available to the hurting. While I do not offer legal, professional or medical advice, I can offer real empathy and support from a survivor’s point of view. It often helps to know someone can relate, and life beyond pain is possible.
If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement or would like more information on how you or your church could make a difference in the life of a victim of abuse, exploitation or trafficking, please contact: Niki@staarministry.com
For years I worked in the entertainment industry, but I now know that this is truly the kind of STAAR God called me to be.
Remember, “It’s never too late for the hurt to heal. Once a victim, now victorious.”
Niki now serves those rescued from abuse, trafficking andexploitation, by mentoring and counseling victims and survivors as founder andpresident of Stop The Abuse And Rescue (STAAR) Ministry. She has developed curricula from a survivor’sperspective, with the goal of preventing re-victimization. Niki has trained counselors, teachers, churches, FBI,Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies to better recognize andrespond to victimization. As a speaker, Niki continues to share her personal story ofrestoration in order to spread awareness and hope for all. Since 1994 she has assisted more than 10,000 victims.